Dua for aulad (child) in Urdu

On the off chance that anyone getting problems for aulad then don’t stress get here answer for aulad kid and place happiness in your married life. I realize that without an aulad nothing in your life and no have any future expectations. So you can get here better answer for getting tyke in your life to solve aulad related problems in islam. We are expert of giving you dua for aulad in Urdu to solve your childless problems and muslim dua for aulad e narina is very powerful that will solve your problems very soon. Numerous people have used aulad e narima from here to get a kid infant so you can likewise used wazifa for aulad in Urdu to get desired results. You can use below aulad ke liye wazaif in Urdu to get child:

Dua for aulad in Urdu

Your wife must have to read above wazifa for 40 days before and after Isha Prayer. To begin with wife must have to read surah e alam nashrah for 70 times day by day before and after Isha Prayer. Second Wife must have to read ya musawwiru ya allahu 336 times every day before and after Isha Prayer. Third Wife must have to read Ayatul Kursi 11 times over milk which must have inside a glas and after petition Insha Allah for giving your tyke aulad infant and that drain must be drink by wife and spouse both day by day. This all above process must be take after for 40 days regularly with no break. After some days you will see results. As a result, with our dua for aulad in Urdu, you will get a child.

You can likewise use dua for aulad e narima in Urdu to get kid very soon so this is additionally an alternate answers for getting kid/aulad very soon.

We have numerous other answers for getting aulad kid problems arrangements using Islamic routes so for getting some other arrangement you can get concern with us at whatever time. Allah may listen your problems very soon and you will get happiness with your family very soon by new kid infant Allah Hafiz!

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